We're building a digital future for neurosurgeons

We're here to serve the next generation of surgeons, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. We believe that tearing down the silo walls that hinder collaboration will lead to a better future for our patients. None of us can do this alone.


Our Team

Daniel A. Donoho


Dr. Daniel Donoho is a neurosurgeon who develops machine learning systems to make surgery safer.

Samuel Browd


Dr. Browd is a world-leading neurosurgeon and successful serial entrepreneur, having raised over $200M of venture funding as a founder.


Our world is evolving

The depth and pace of digital innovation is reshaping industries and professional roles throughout the modern world.


Our analog surgical environment will be catapulted into a new epoch through the development of new methods that digitize our operating rooms, exam rooms and research laboratories.


Our methods to teach, learn, share data, research, and provide governance and oversight of our profession will change in the near future.

AI and ML

The future of neurosurgery will be found in leveraging the bourgeoning fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision.

We must adapt to become the masters of our impending digital, computationally-driven reality.

Be a changemaker.

We have launched a new society and meeting to bring together the fields of neurosurgery and computational sciences.

We would like to personally invite you and any of your colleagues who share this vision of the future of neurosurgery to join us in Palo Alto on Oct 13th -15th, 2023.